Raná (EN)

Hello pilot, if you haven’t flown in the Czech republic yet and you would like to fly on Raná:

Documents you need for flying in the Czech Republic

  • Valid pilot licence – (licences from other countries are tolerated, IPPI card is reccomended but not required)
  • Valid technical inspection of your wing
  • Insurance that covers damages to third parties (maybe you already have „whole world“ or „Europe“ area included your national flying insurance)

More info available on: https://en.laacr.cz/info.htm

Weather – Raná

Wind directions – ideal is SE or NW wind, but you can fly safely in entire range from E to S, or from W to N

Wind speeds – you can soar if the wind is more than 4 m/s and it’s better not to takeoff when the speed is over 8 m/s

Thermals – Raná is a small hill and if soaring conditions aren’t there, you have only one chance to catch the thermal

Soaring – one or two hours before the sunset, there is quite high possibility of soaring in calm laminar air. It’ll most likely happen if the XCmeteo forecast shows soarable wind (around 5m/s) between 500 – 1000 meters AMSL.

Potential dangers on Raná

Respect soaring rules

  • right hand rule when soaring: Give way to the pilots, who have their right hand closer to the hillslope -> they will fly closer to the hillslope
  • give way to soaring pilots when thermaling

Respect Raná airfield on NW side – don’t stay in the runway axis (for thermaling or whatever reason)… but you can cross the runway axis if there is no landing or ready for takeoff aircraft (especially gliders)

Raná is under the edge of TMA – TMA’s bottom is at FL065 – map of Czech airspace

Small old quarry on SE slope below main hilltop – area above this quarry closer to the hill is little turbulent. It can surprise you, so it’s better to fly above the quarry than closer to the slope.

Lee turbulence behind the main hilltop occurs, when there is E to NE situation. When pilot wants to topland on a lower rubber mat starting place it can be dangerous.


  • Flying = free
  • Parking NW = free
  • Parking SE = 2€ you’ll pay at the bar inside the „Sklenik“ („Greenhouse“), cash only

Links – realtime data

Website with webcams pointing at hill from caravan on SE parking lot.

Data from the meteostation on the top of the hill.

Animated satellite view.
Switch to „CZ“ on VIS-IR row.

Czech weather radar network.

Links – forecast

Synoptic maps for Europe

Forecast maps for glider pilots.

Forecasts are in UTC time, so you must add:

  • +1h in winter time
  • +2h in summer time

„Aladin“ App for Android phones. Forecasts for user-selected place. Aladin model uses very fine 2,3 km resolution.

Popular website for vertical profile forecast.
Just type „rana“ into search field, press Enter and select Raná with windsock. Graph is interactive (move mouse over it or tap it).

Always use exactly this link, otherwise you will see old forecast (even if you refresh page).

If the weather is good for flying, you’ll not be alone on Raná.

In case you have a questions, don’t hesitate to ask. Lots of Czech people speak English and we are all flying friends. 😉

How to get to Raná by BUS from Prague?

Price for one way ticket including your paraglider is around 4€

  1. Find a BUS line on IDOS.cz
    1. From: „Praha,,Hradčanská“
    2. To: „Raná; district Louny“
    3. Check „Direct connections only“
  2. Buy ticket online to ensure your seat

Bus leaves from road-side closer to train (not tram) station from one of more bus stops up the street – you will check that on paper timetable.

„Praha,,Hradčanská“ is also subway station, so you can get there really quick even from opposite side of Prague. You can pay fare by SMS. Details here.